There are a few things that we tend to grow out of, forget about, or just simply can not make time for. Here are a few things to do that I believe help keep you enjoying the little things.

  • GO OUTSIDE: Let’s be real, life can get crazy busy and sometimes we get to the end of our day and realize that we did not even get a chance to see the sun. So imagine if you made time to go outdoors every now and then. Just go on a run, walk, or hike to clear your mind.
  • TAKE A NAP: Personally, I have the most difficult time finding time for this one. SLEEP is a great thing, unfortunately, something we get far too less than we should. Naps are something we all wish we could go back to kindergarten just to get more of. So, if this is something you might actually have an hour or two out of your day to do. DO IT.
  • READ A BOOK: Reading is great. Whether, you are a reader or not, a good book can occupy you for hours. If that hasn’t happened yet, it will someday. This is something I find super relaxing and love to do. It can be difficult to find time to read a novel, but keeping one in your car or purse can be super helpful if you are early somewhere or waiting in lines.
  • TAKE A CLASS: Think of something you are interested in. Now, look it up and see what it offers. Whether it is, yoga, art, or cooking, hobbies are great to have and meeting others who appreciate the same things as you can be really helpful in getting involved with something you love.
  • REMIND PEOPLE YOU LOVE THEM: We lose track of our friends when things start to build up. Set aside a little bit of time in your week just to contact ¬†people and see whats happening in their lives. If everyone did this, people would feel much less lonely. Send letters, or even just a simple text or phone call to show someone that you care.

So theres just a few simple things that can make life a little bit better. Take time for yourself every now and then just for your own sanity!



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