IMG_3981It is no secret that peace feels extremely difficult to come across lately. In the last month there have been terrorist attacks and warnings to stay away from shopping malls due to shootings every where in the world. Yes, it is SO sad that mothers and fathers can no longer take their children to Disneyland without feeling scared of the next attack. There is no reason that anyone should have to be in fear of being in a crowded area, concert, arena, wherever it may be.. yet we live in a place where this is the reality of today. PEACE becomes almost impossible to grasp at a time like this. Now is a better time than ever to show people you care about them. Smile at people you do not know, say hi, meet someone new. Show people that good still exists. I have not mastered this and I can assume that most people have not. Will this solve every problem thats going on in the world right now? NOT AT ALL.I can not stress enough that I do not believe that smiling at someone will stop all of the hurt and broken of the world we live in.  But, at least it might give someone grieving a reminder that there are people here who support them and feel for them and are willing to grieve with them. Bring a little bit of peace to the trauma that is going on in the world. Be the start to a change for the better. PEOPLE MATTER, LIVES MATTER, show the world that you CARE about life and the world we live in. As you go into the holiday season keep in mind that their are many families who have empty seats at the table and are feeling lost and alone. This is just a little reminder to show people respect, to be kind, to show grace, and to love people better.


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