Thoughts on Social Media

Social media or ant-social media?

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, we live in a world where cell phones and iPads control our days. We spend hours and hours on websites, aimlessly searching. What would happen if we used these sites for good rather than complaining about our lives (Which I am 100% guilty of as well).My point is that there is a whole world out there that needs saving. We live in a  world that needs help.And a lot of it. Believe it or not, your voice matters and social media is a platform that allows you to use your voice daily. Yes, these sites could take away from our lives, distract us and sometimes not help with being productive in any aspect. I challenge you guys to make a change this week. I challenge you to take a stand against something, be a part of something bigger. Use social media as a platform for social change. Get out of your comfort zone and go change the world. Okay, I get it that seems unreachable, but everyone starts somewhere so you might as well begin now, rather than later. People matter and that is the point of this post I guess. Just a reminder to use what you have to do what you can. Inspire others, you are much more capable than you think.


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