So, in case you are not aware, it is International Women’s Day. Today is very important because, well, woman are pretty amazing and deserve to be empowered. One of my goals lately has been to make empowering others a priority. I challenge you to do the same. This world is a pretty crazy place, women have come a long way and today, that is to be celebrated. I am just going to list some amazing things about woman and what and who they are and why they deserved to be lifted up, today and everyday.

  1. CAN WE GIVE ALL THE MOTHERS OUT THERE A HAND REAL QUICK. You are truly miracle workers, I do not know how you heal broken hearts on the daily or somehow manage to cart your children around on a  day to day basis to sports, school, plays, piano lessons. You are so fabulous and I applaud you because I do not know how you handle it all. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO.
  2. DID YOU GET OUT OF BED TODAY? IM PROUD OF YOU. If you are a woman and you managed to get out of bed and take on the day. While, you already accomplished something. With the constant battle with hormones, the temptation of some amazing romance shows on Netflix, I think we could all agree that sleeping until 4:30PM sounds much more appealing. Even if you just mastered the art of walking to the fridge for some food. You have accomplished something today and should feel good about that.
  3. OK GIRLS, THOSE OF YOU WHO DID CELEBRATE INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY. Thank you, it is woman that keep each other going. I think this is the most important thing in a woman, each of us tends to find a way to lift each other up. All over the globe, woman were able to empower each other all day long. Through social media, we can actually witness the impact that this day makes. THANK YOU FOR BEING POSITIVE AND EMPOWERING EACH OTHER, IT IS INSPIRING.

Ladies, let’s be real, sometimes it is rough being a girl. There is a lot to deal with, drama, hormones, and bed head in the morning. We are all facing the same struggles, and today is meant to be a day of motivation. Embrace yourself, love yourself, and be yourself, cause you are exactly where you need to be. If you aren’t aware, this world does need you and you were made to do great things. So get out there, and do whatever you feel the need to cause you are stronger than you think and this post kind of turned into a rant about how incredible woman are so I’m just going to wrap it up with the fact that you are SO loved.



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